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When starting up, CARIN may tell you: "You are now leaving the digitized area".
The monitored map will then show the vehicle in a position off the road. If there
are other roads in this position, CARIN may send inappropriate messages. This
means that CARIN supposes the vehicle is on one of the other roads.
When the vehicle has been at a standstill for a longer period of
time, the CARIN function may be temporarily inhibited. CARIN will
operate reliably again once the GPS reception is available in
sufficient quality.
Limited GPS Reception
Functional disturbance may also occur if GPS reception is interrupted or
interference occurs over a distance of several miles.
GPS reception may be interrupted or interference occurs :
In between high buildings.
In multi-storey car parks or garages, in tunnels and under bridges.
In forests or tree-lined avenues.
During heavy rain showers and thunderstorms.
In valleys and in mountainous regions.
Unfavourable satellite constellations in conjunction with the mounting
position of the GPS antenna. In this case GPS reception may be obstructed
for a longer period.
If the GPS antenna has been properly installed, sufficient GPS reception
should be present about 95 % of the driving time. If interference in the
reception occurs more frequently, improper mounting of the GPS
antenna may be the cause. In this case, we recommend you to contact
your CARIN dealer.
However, the CARiN Navigation Computer is able to compensate
reception problems over a period of a few minutes without functional
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