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Door In Door - LG GF-V910MBL Owner's Manual

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• Knock hard enough so that the knocking sound
is audible.
• The InstaView Door in Door function may
activate if a loud noise occurs near the
• Clean the glass door with a dry cloth. To remove
stubborn stains, slightly moisten a clean cloth
with lukewarm water or a glass cleaner. Do not
spray glass cleaner directly at the glass door.

Door in Door

This feature is only available on some models.
Using the Door in Door
Pull the lever at the bottom of the door upwards
until the door in door opens.
There is plenty of storage space inside the door in
door and its surrounding baskets, allowing you to
store food in an organized manner.
• Do not open the door of the appliance with the
door in door open, or do not open the door in
door while the door of the appliance is open. The
door in door may be struck by the edge of the
appliance and damaged.
Using the Moving Basket
Adjusting the moving basket allows taller food
items to be stored more conveniently.
To raise the moving basket, hold the basket in
the centre and push the basket up until it clicks
into place.
To lower the moving basket, press up to
release the levers at the side of the basket and
lower the basket until it clicks into place.
• To avoid personal injury or damage to the basket
or its contents, empty the moving basket before
moving it up or down.
Removing/Refitting the Door in
Door Case
• Remove contents from the Door in Door
compartment before removal.

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