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LG Freezer User Manual

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User's Guide
Please read this User's Guide carefully before
operating and keep it handy for reference at all times.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 FREEZER User's Guide Please read this User's Guide carefully before operating and keep it handy for reference at all times.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction Registration Important Safety Instruction Identification of Parts Operation Temperature Control Display Panel For Temperature Control Suggestion On About Ice Food storage How to store food properly Storing Food Care and General Information Maintenance How to disassemble each component Cleaning Trouble Shooting Trouble Shooting...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instruction

    Registration Introduction The model and serial number are found on the rear of this unit. This number is unique to this unit and not available to others. You should record requested information here and retain this guide as a permanent record of your purchase.
  • Page 4 • Do not insert the power plug with wet hands. You may receive an electric shock. • Do not install the fridge/freezer in a damp place, where it could be splashed with water. Incorrect insulation of the electrical parts may cause an...
  • Page 5 • Pull the power plug out of the socket before replacing the interior light in the refrigerator. Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock. • If possible, connect the fridge-freezer to its own individual electrical outlet to prevent it and other appliances or household lights from causing an overload.
  • Page 6 Important Safety Instruction w w Warning w w Keep ventilation openings, in the appliance enclosure or in the built-in structure, clear of obstruction. w w Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting process, other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Page 7 • After unplugging the appliance, wait for at least five minutes before plugging it again to the wall socket. Abnormal operation of the freezer may cause material damage. • If the appliance is not to be used for a long time, pull out the power plug.
  • Page 8: Identification Of Parts

    Identification of Parts Freezer Shelf Ice Tray & Bank Freezer Compartment Leveling Screw...
  • Page 9: Temperature Control

    Temperature Control Your freezer has controls that let you regulate the temperature in the freezer compartments. Display Panel For Temperature Control Adjusting the temperatures and functions POWER SUPER FRZ. FRZ.TEMP. 3SECS...
  • Page 10 • If you push button more than 3 seconds you can switch on or off the Freezer. POWER 3SECS How to adjust the • The initial Temperature of the Freezer Compartment is temperature in the -23°C and -15°C respectively. freezer You can now adjust the temperature of the compartments as you want.
  • Page 11 - If the indicate lights do not move up or down, then please leave the power connected and call your nearest service agent. Door Alarm When the door of the freezer is left open for a while, the alarm sounds.
  • Page 12 Ice Making • Fill water in ice making box of the ice making corner. If water is fully filled the ice will not be separated well and water can be dropped to make ice lumped. • Ice will be dropped into the ice storage bin by rotating ice separation handle of ice making compartment.
  • Page 13: About Ice

    - Do not make ice with the ice-storing bowl. It may break. How to store food properly Open the cover to take out food. Freezer shelf Freezer basket Place the frozen food such as meat, fish, frozen bun and ice cream here.
  • Page 14: Storing Food

    • Do not put in front of the air hole of the upper drawer of freezer compartment. It could decrease freezer capacity. If you keep the freezer in a hot, and humid place, frequently Note open its door or put a lot of vegetables in it, dew may form in it, which has no effect on its performance.
  • Page 15: General Information

    • 1~2 hour power failure does no harm to the foods stores. Try to avoid opening and closing the door too frequently. If You Move • Take out foods from the freezer and firmly fix the loose items with tape. • Do not move the freezer by sliding. Anti Condensation •...
  • Page 16: How To Disassemble Each Component

    Pull out the drawer, and then slightly lift up and pull out the front to remove. • Your freezer is designed with reversible doors, do that To Reverse the they may open from either the left of right hand side Doors to suit your kitchen design.
  • Page 17: Cleaning

    Be sure to unplug the power or shutdown the main switch in your house. Exterior Clean the outside of the freezer with a soft cloth soaked with hot water or liquid detergent. If you use a detergent, be sure to wipe it with a clean wet cloth.
  • Page 18 • Door left open for a long time. • Package holding door open or blocking air duct in freezer compartment. • The floor on which the freezer is installed may be Vibration or uneven or the freezer may be unstable.
  • Page 19 • Freezer is not level. Adjust the leveling screws. • The floor on which the freezer is installed may be uneven or the freezer may be unstable. Slightly raise the front side with the leveling screw. • No power at outlet.