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LG GF-V910MBL Owner's Manual page 39

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disinfection before or after the system. Systems
certified for cyst reduction may be used on
disinfected water that may contain filterable
• Do not install if water pressure exceeds 827 kPa.
If your water pressure exceeds 827 kPa, you
must install a pressure limiting valve. Contact a
plumbing professional if you are uncertain how
to check your water pressure.
• Do not install where water hammer conditions
may occur. If water hammer conditions exist,
you must install a water hammer arrester.
Contact a plumbing professional if you are
uncertain how to check for this condition.
• Do not install on hot water supply lines. The
maximum operating water temperature of this
filter system is 37.8 °C.
• Protect filter from freezing. Drain filter when
temperatures drop below 4.4 °C.
• The disposable filter cartridge MUST be replaced
every 6 months, at the rated capacity or if a
noticeable reduction in flow rate occurs.
• Where a backflow prevention device is installed
on a water system, a device for controlling
pressure due to thermal expansion must be
• Ensure all tubing and fittings are secure and free
of leaks.
• While the testing was performed under standard
laboratory conditions, actual performance may
• It is essential that the manufacturer's
recommended installation, maintenance and
filter replacement requirements be carried out
for the product to perform as advertised.
Application Guidelines/Water Supply
Service Flow
Water Supply
Water Pressure
Replacing the Water Filter
The filter must be changed every 6 months or when
the water filter indicator on the control panel lights
turns on or the water dispenser output decreases.
• To purchase a replacement water filter:
- Use replacement cartridge: LT1000P,
LT1000PC, LT1000PCS or ADQ747935**
- Visit your local dealer or distributor or contact
the LG Electronics Customer Information
Centre. For further assistance, visit our
website at
Remove the door basket.
Remove the disposable water filter.
Replace with a new water filter. Insert the new
filter into the filter head and rotate it clockwise
until the arrow on the new filter lines up with
1.9 lpm
Community or Private Well -
Potable Water
138 - 827 kPa
0.6 - 37.8 °C
757 litres

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