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LG GF-V910MBL Owner's Manual page 46

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There is water inside or
outside of the
Parts & Features
The appliance door is
not closed tightly.
It is difficult to open
the appliance door.
Door mullion does not
fold in and out
The inside lamp in the
appliance does not
turn on.
Is there water leakage around the appliance?
• Check if the water has leaked from a sink or another place.
Is there water on the bottom of the appliance?
• Check if the water is from the thawed frozen food or a broken or dropped
Is the appliance leaning forward?
• Adjust the front feet to raise the front side slightly.
Were the shelves properly assembled?
• Refit the shelves if needed.
Did you close the door with excessive force?
• If you apply too much force or speed when closing the door, it may remain
briefly open before closing. Make sure that you do not slam the door
closed. Close the door gently.
Did you open the door right after you closed it?
• If you try to open the appliance door within one minute after you closed it,
you may have difficulties because of the pressure inside the appliance. Try
to open the appliance door again in a few minutes so that the internal
pressure stabilizes.
Are front levelling legs extended, the appliance level, and doors aligned?
• Once the door baskets are filled, the doors may become misaligned,
preventing the door mullion or the Auto Open Door function from working
properly. Extend both front levelling legs fully so they are in firm contact
with the floor. Follow the instruction in the Door Alignment section to raise
the left fridge door until the door mullion is once again working properly.
Adjust the right fridge door so it aligns with the left fridge door.
Lamp failure
• Close the door and re-open. If the lamp does not turn on, please contact
the LG Electronics customer information centre. Do not attempt removal
of the lamp.
Possible Cause & Solution
Possible Cause & Solution

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