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Automatic Icemaker - LG GF-V910MBL Owner's Manual

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Press the dispenser paddle
container to dispense cubed ice, water or crushed
Cleaning the Dispenser
Cleaning the Ice and Water Outlet
Wipe the water outlet
with a clean cloth as it may get dirty easily.
• Lint from a cloth may adhere to the outlets.
Cleaning the Dispenser Tray
Wipe the entire area with a damp cloth. The
dispenser tray may become wet easily due to
spilled ice or water.
with a glass or other
or ice outlet

Automatic Icemaker

This feature is only available on some models.
This feature may vary depending on model
Before Using the In-Door
• The icemaker produces ice normally when
approximately 48 hours have passed after the
appliance is initially installed.
• If the ice bin is completely filled with ice, ice
production will stop.
• Sound of ice dropping into the ice bin is normal.
• If ice cubes are stored in the ice bin for a long
period of time, they may clump together and
may not be separated easily. In such a case,
empty the ice bin and allow fresh ice to be made.
• It is normal for milky or cloudy water to be
dispensed after replacing the water filter. This
air in the water will clear eventually and is safe to
• The first ice and water dispensed may include
particles or odour from the water supply line or
the water tank.
• If discolored ice is dispensed, check the water
tank and the water supply for a possible source.
If the problem continues, contact the LG
Electronics customer information centre. Do not
use the ice or water until the problem is
• Do not touch the ice outlet or the automatic
icemaker with your hand or a tool.
• Dispense ice into a glass before filling it with
water or other beverages. Splashing will occur if
ice is dispensed into a glass that already contains
• Never use a glass that is exceptionally narrow or
deep. Ice may jam in the ice passage, affecting
the performance of the appliance.
• Keep the glass at a proper distance from the ice
outlet. A glass held too close to the outlet may
prevent ice from dispensing.

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