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LG GF-V910MBL Owner's Manual page 10

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• Do not hang from the appliance doors, door baskets, storage
compartments or shelves, or climb up into the appliance.
• Do not store an excessive amount of water bottles or containers in
the door baskets.
• Do not open or close the appliance door with excessive force.
• If the hinge of the appliance door is damaged or operates
improperly, stop using the appliance and contact an authorized
service centre.
• Prevent animals from nibbling on the power cable or water hose.
• Never eat frozen foods immediately after they have been taken out of
the freezer compartment.
• Do not use a thin crystal cup or chinaware when dispensing water or
• Make sure not to get a hand or foot stuck upon opening or closing the
appliance door or door in door.
• Do not clean glass shelves or covers with warm water when they are
cold. They may shatter if exposed to sudden temperature changes.
• Do not insert the shelves upside down. The shelves may fall.
• To remove frost from the appliance, contact an LG Electronics
customer information centre.
• Dispose of the ice inside the ice bin in the freezer compartment
during an extended power outage.

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