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LG GF-V910MBL Owner's Manual page 43

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Ice & Water
The automatic
icemaker does not
produce ice or
produces a small
amount of ice.
Ice is not dispensed.
Did you install the appliance recently?
• The ice maker produces ice normally when approximately 48 hours have
passed after the appliance is installed.
• If the fridge compartment temperature is too cold, the water filter can
freeze and block the water flow to the ice maker.
Did you connect the water supply pipe to the appliance and open the
supply valve?
• Connect the water supply pipe to the appliance and open the supply valve
Is the water supply hose bent?
• If the water supply hose is bent, the water flow could be compromised.
Have you dispensed a large amount of ice recently?
• It takes approximately 24 hours to produce more ice in the automatic
icemaker. Please wait.
Did you set the ice maker switch or the automatic icemaker button on
the control panel to ON?
• Press I on the automatic icemaker switch or set ON for the automatic
icemaker button on the control panel. (For more details on how to use, visit
LG Electronics website or use your smart device.)
Is the temperature of the freezer compartment set too high?
• If the set temperature is too warm, ice will be produced slowly or not at all.
Set the Freezer temperature to -18 °C for normal operation of the
automatic icemaker.
Have you been opening the appliance door frequently?
• If you open the appliance door frequently, cold air will escape, lowering
the speed of ice production. Do not open and close the appliance door
Is the appliance door completely closed?
• If the appliance door is not completely closed, the temperature of the
freezer compartment will increase, slowing down the ice production
speed. Close the appliance door completely.
Unable to hear the sound of ice coming out?
• In the control panel, select the modes for cubed ice and crushed ice
alternately to dispense the ice.
Is the ice path blocked? (You can check the ice passage by separating the
ice bin.)
• Ice may not be dispensed properly if the ice passage is blocked. Check the
ice and clean the ice path regularly.
Possible Cause & Solution

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