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LG GF-V910MBL Owner's Manual page 28

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• Dispose of the ice inside the ice bin if you go on
vacation or if an extended power outage occurs.
Water from melting ice may drop from the
dispenser onto the floor.
In-Door Icemaker
The automatic icemaker can automatically make 70
- 182 cubes at a time, within a 24-hour period if
conditions are favorable. This amount may vary
according to the environment (ambient
temperature around the appliance, frequency of
the door being opened, amount of food stored in
the appliance, etc.).
Power Switch
Auto Shutoff (feeler arm)
Removing/Refitting the Ice
Storage Bin
The ice dispensing chute may become blocked with
frost if only crushed ice is used. Remove the frost
that accumulates by removing the ice bin and
clearing the passage with a rubber spatula.
Dispensing cubed ice periodically can also help
prevent frost buildup.
Gently pull the handle to open the ice
To turn off the automatic icemaker, set the
icemaker switch to OFF ( O ).
To remove the in-door ice bin, grip the front
handle, slightly lift the lower part, and slowly
pull out the bin as shown.
Refit the in-door ice bin in the reverse
sequence of their removal.
• Do not touch the automatic icemaker's
mechanical parts with your hand or any
mechanical implement. Doing so may cause
serious injury or damage to the appliance.
• Do not disassemble, repair or alter the
automatic icemaker. These tasks should only be
done by a service technician.
• Caution should be taken, as the automatic
icemaker operates continuously after the freezer
door is opened when the automatic icemaker
switch is set to the ON position.
• Keep children away from the dispenser.

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