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LG GSL360ICEV Owner's Manual

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Read this owner's manual thoroughly before operating the appliance and keep
it handy for reference at all times.
Copyright © 2016-2020 LG Electronics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 OWNER'S MANUAL FRIDGE& FREEZER Read this owner's manual thoroughly before operating the appliance and keep it handy for reference at all times. EN ENGLISH MFL69124671 Rev.04_032420 Copyright © 2016-2020 LG Electronics Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Door-in-Door* ................... 29 Fresh Vegetable Drawer ( * ) ..............30 Other Functions ..................30 SMART FUNCTIONS .............31 LG ThinQ Application ................31 Smart Diagnosis ..................31 MAINTENANCE ..............32 Notes for Cleaning ..................32 Cleaning the Condenser Cover ..............32 Replacing the Pure N Fresh Filter ( * ) .............
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The following safety guidelines are intended to prevent unforeseen risks or damage from unsafe or incorrect operation of the appliance. The guidelines are separated into ‘WARNING’ and ‘CAUTION’ as described below. This symbol is displayed to indicate matters and operations that can cause risk.
  • Page 4 •Ensure that the socket outlet is properly grounded, and that the earth pin on the power cord is not damaged or removed from the power plug. For more details on grounding, inquire at an LG Electronics customer information centre. •This appliance is equipped with a power cord having an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding power plug.
  • Page 5 •Do not use a multi socket outlet which is not properly grounded (portable). In case of using a properly-grounded multi socket outlet (portable), use the multi socket outlet with the current capacity of the power code rating or higher and use the multi socket outlet only for the appliance.
  • Page 6 •Do not bend the power cable excessively or place a heavy object on it. •If water penetrates electrical parts of the appliance, disconnect power plug and contact an LG Electronics customer information centre. •Do not place hands or metallic objects inside the area emitting the cold air, cover or heat releasing grille on the back.
  • Page 7 LPG, combustible spray, insecticide, air freshener, cosmetics, etc.) near the appliance. •Immediately unplug the power plug and contact an LG Electronics customer information centre if you detect a strange sound, odour, or smoke coming from the appliance.
  • Page 8 •Do not use a hair drier to dry the inside of the appliance or place a candle inside to remove the odours. •Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting process. •Connect the water supply line (for plumbed models only) to a potable water source only.
  • Page 9 Risk of Fire and Flammable Materials This symbol alerts you to flammable materials that can ignite and cause a fire if you do not take care. •This appliance contains a small amount of isobutane refrigerant (R600a), but it is also combustible. When transporting and installing the appliance, care should be taken to ensure that no parts of the refrigerating circuit are damaged.
  • Page 10 Operation •Do not touch frozen food or the metal parts in the freezer compartment with wet or damp hands. It may cause frostbite. •Do not place glass containers, bottles or cans (especially those containing carbonated drinks) in the freezer compartment, shelves or ice bin that will be exposed to temperatures below freezing.
  • Page 11: Disposal Of Your Old Appliance

    Maintenance •Do not insert the shelves upside down. The shelves may fall. •To remove frost from the appliance, contact an LG Electronics customer information centre. Disposal of Your Old Appliance • This crossed-out wheeled bin symbol indicates that waste electrical and electronic products (WEEE) should be disposed of separately from the municipal waste stream.
  • Page 12: Installation

    INSTALLATION Dimensions and Clearances Ambient Temperature Too small of a distance from adjacent items • The appliance is designed to operate within a may result in the degradation of freezing limited range of ambient temperatures, capability and increased electricity costs. Allow depending on the climate zone.
  • Page 13: Before Installation

    Before Installation Remove the screw of the hinge cover on top of the appliance by rotating it counterclockwise. Accessories *1:This feature is only available on some models. Pull out the water supply line a. Disconnect all wire harnesses b. Unscrew the ground wire c.
  • Page 14 Removing the Fridge Door CAUTION • Install the right fridge door first. Disconnect all wire harnesses a. NOTE • Disassembling/Assembling the water lines. Rotate the hinge lever b clockwise. Lift the top hinge c free of the hinge lever latch d. a Collet b Water supply line c Insert line d Clip •...
  • Page 15: Connecting The Water Line (For Plumbed Models Only)

    Connecting the Water Line Connecting to the Appliance (For Plumbed models Only) Unscrew the metal threaded collar nut at the back of the appliance and place it over Water Supply Requirements one end of the water tube. A cold water supply with water pressure between 138 kPa and 827 kPa (1.4-8.4 kgf/cm²) Firmly push the water tube onto the water is required to operate the water dispenser.
  • Page 16 <Push fit Connector Type> Ensure that the rubber washer is fitted inside to the inside of the tap connector Firmly push the water tube connected from before screwing it onto the tap. the appliance into the end that has the arrow pointing outward.
  • Page 17: Levelling And Door Alignment

    Levelling and Door Alignment Open the door and use the spanner a to loosen the keeper nut by turning it to the left. Before Beginning When the appliance doors appear to be uneven, follow the instructions below to align the doors. Use the spanner b to adjust the height by turning the adjustment hinge pin to the left or to the right.
  • Page 18: Connecting The Appliance

    Connecting the Appliance After installing the appliance, connect the power plug into a socket outlet. NOTE • After connecting the power supply cord (or plug) to the outlet, wait 2 or 3 hours before you put food into the appliance. If you add food before the appliance has cooled completely, your food may spoil.
  • Page 19: Operation

    OPERATION Parts and Functions * means that this feature varies depending on the model purchased. Exterior Control Panel Displays the ice maker and dispenser modes the water filter status. Door in Door* The Door in Door is a double layered door system. It can be opened individually or together with the main door.
  • Page 20 Freezer Drawer* This is for long-term storage of frozen items. Smart Diagnosis Unit Use this function when contacting LG Electronics customer information centre to help make an accurate diagnosis when the appliance operates abnormally or a failure occurs. Door-in-Door* This is where foods which are taken out frequently such as beverages and snacks are stored.
  • Page 21 Bottle Rack* This is where drinks tall bottles or containers are stored. CAUTION This is where drinks tall bottles or containers are stored. • Do not store short bottles or containers. The items may fall and cause an injury or appliance damage.
  • Page 22: Notes For Operation

    Notes for Operation Suggestion for Energy Saving • Ensure there is sufficient space between • Do not use the ice water dispenser tank for stored foods. This allows cold air to be beverages other than drinking water. circulated evenly and lowers electricity bills. •...
  • Page 23 Storing Foods Effectively Max Freezing Capacity • Store frozen food or refrigerated food inside • The Express Freeze function will set the sealed containers. freezer to its maximum freezing capacity. • Check the expiration date and label (storage • This generally takes up to 24 hours and instructions) before storing food in the automatically switches off.
  • Page 25: Water Dispenser Tank (Non Plumbed Models Only)

    Setting the Temperature Setting and Resetting Lock This sets the fridge temperature or freezer This locks the buttons on the control panel. temperature. • Press and hold the Lock button for 3 seconds • Press the Fridge button or Freezer button to .
  • Page 26 WARNING Open the cover or cap of the water dispenser tank. • Children should not be allowed near the dispenser tank. • Do not fill the water tank with drinks other than water or fill with hot water. CAUTION • Do not apply excessive force or impact when removing or assembling the water dispenser tank.
  • Page 27: Water And Ice Dispenser

    Water and Ice Dispenser • When the ice maker produces smaller ice cubes, or the cubes become lumped together, You can dispense cubed ice, water and crushed the amount of water supplied to the ice maker ice by pressing the respective button for the may be low due to insufficient water in the water tank.
  • Page 28 • If discolored ice is dispensed, check the water tank and the water supply for a possible source. If the problem continues, contact the LG Electronics customer information centre. Removing the Ice Bin ( * ) Do not use the ice or water until the problem is corrected.
  • Page 29: Door-In-Door

    Door-in-Door* Removing the Baskets from the Door in Door * means that this feature varies depending on the model purchased. Hold both edges of the basket and remove Press the button on the center left of the door it by lifting it upward. in door until it opens.
  • Page 30: Fresh Vegetable Drawer ( * )

    • When this occurs, do not turn off the power and immediately contact the LG Electronics customer information centre. If you turn off the power, the repair technician from the LG NOTE Electronics customer information centre may have difficulty finding the problem.
  • Page 31: Smart Functions

    Follow the instructions below to use the audible diagnosis method. If you use the Smart Diagnosis function, you will • Launch the LG ThinQ application and select the be provided with the useful information such as a Smart Diagnosis feature in the menu. Follow...
  • Page 32: Maintenance

    LED shock. lamp in any attempt to repair or service it. • Detach the shelves and drawers and clean Please, contact an LG Electronics customer them with water, and then dry them information centre. sufficiently, before replacing them.
  • Page 33: Cleaning The Door Basket

    • When setting the appliance to On or Power mode after replacing the filter, check if the LED lamp near the filter is on. • The filter can be purchased from an LG Electronics customer information centre. Cleaning the Door Basket Remove the filter inside the Pure N Fresh filter cover and replace it with a new filter.
  • Page 34: Cleaning The Shelf

    Cleaning the Shelf Lift the vegetable drawer up and remove it by pulling it out. Removing the Fridge/Freezer Shelf Remove the shelf by pulling it out. Refitting the Vegetable Drawer If the vegetable drawer has a cover, lift it. Refitting the Fridge/Freezer Shelf Remove the shelf by pulling it out while slightly lifting the rear edge of the fridge shelf.
  • Page 35: Cleaning The Water Dispenser

    Cleaning the Water Dispenser Replacing the Water Filter (For Plumbed models Only) Cleaning the Dispenser Tray Replace the disposable water filter when The dispenser tray may become wet easily due indicated on the Replacement Filter icon or at to spilled ice or water. Wipe the entire area with least every 6 months.
  • Page 36: Troubleshooting

    • It is not possible for customers to replace the inside lamp in the appliance does not appliance as they are not serviceable. If the inside lamp does not turn turn on. on, please contact the LG Electronics customer information centre.
  • Page 37 Symptoms Possible Causes & Solution Is the appliance leaning forward? • Adjust the front feet to raise the front side slightly. Were the shelves properly assembled? The appliance door is • Refit the shelves if needed. not closed tightly. Did you close the door with excessive force? •...
  • Page 38 Symptoms Possible Causes & Solution Is the air entry or exit of the freezer compartment blocked? • Make sure that air entry or exit is not blocked so that the air can Frost has formed in circulate inside. the freezer compartment.
  • Page 39 (For more details on how to use, amount of ice. visit LG electronics website or use your smart device.) Is the temperature of the freezer compartment set too high? • If the set temperature is too warm, ice will be produced slowly or not at all.
  • Page 40 Symptoms Possible Causes & Solution Unable to hear the sound of ice coming out? • In the control panel, select the modes for cubed ice and crushed ice alternately to dispense the ice. Ice is not Is the ice path blocked? (You can check the ice passage by separating dispensed.
  • Page 41 Symptoms Possible Causes & Solution The defrost control will click when the automatic defrost cycle begins and ends. The thermostat control (or appliance control on Clicking noises some models) will also click when cycling on and off. • Normal Operation Rattling noises may come from the flow of appliance, the water line on the back of the unit (for plumbed models only), or items stored on top of or around the appliance.
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