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Setting Factory Defaults - Honeywell HWF2V-COM Installation And Setup Manual

Commercial fire communicator
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IP Flt Time
(60 mins)
NOTE: Refer to table above
for correct default values.
• Changing the comm. path choice will cause the fault times to default to the values listed in the table in prompt 5
• The control is notified of the failure after the Cell and/or IP fault times expire
Refer to page two for UL864 Compliance programming requirements
Use DHCP? Y/N (Y)
NOTE: If DHCP is not selected (your router is set for a static IP), prompts 10 through 13 will appear. Use the
[Space] key to advance to the next address part.
NIC IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway IP Address:
DNS Serv IP Addr:
Review? Y/N
Create Password? Y/N
Exit Prog Mode? Y/N
If an error in programming occurs, set the factory defaults (see next topic) and reprogram.
To exit the programming mode, press [N] in response to the "Review?" prompt. Then press [Y] to the "Exit Prog Mode?"
prompt. Upon exiting, the root file is updated to log the changes made. A message is displayed telling the user that this step
is being executed. When complete, the message "DONE" is displayed to indicate the file was successfully uploaded.
NOTE: If critical configuration changes were made, such as the mode of operation, the communicator will
reset to ensure that the programming features are enabled.
If the file is not successfully uploaded, one of the following prompts will be displayed. Follow the steps shown below until the
upload is successful.
Cannot Upload
Try Again? Y/N_
Failed to Update
Root File!

Setting Factory Defaults

To reset the programming options to factory-default values, at the "Exit Prog Mode?" prompt press [Shift] plus [ESC]. NOTE,
setting the factory defaults will also erase any password that may have been entered.
Press [Y] to reset factory default values.
Set Default?
Press [N] to cancel this function.
Press [Shift] then [Y], then [#]. The Create Password prompt appears, follow the prompts then exit.
This prompt appears only if comm. path includes IP&Cell or IP.
Enter the time delay (1 – 60) in minutes before the communicator notifies the con-
trol panel that there is a communication path failure to AlarmNet over the hard-
wired Ethernet connection. If the panel has an alternate communication path, a
primary path loss message is sent to the central station.
If your router is configured for DHCP, press [Shift] then [Y], then press [#].
Enter choice, then press [#]. Follow the prompts.
Enter choice, then press [#]. Follow the prompts.
Enter choice, then press [#]. Follow the prompts.
Enter choice, then press [#]. Follow the prompts.
Enter choice, then press [#]. Follow the prompts.
Enter choice, then press [#]. Follow the prompts.
Press [Shift] then [Y], then press [#]. DONE.
Communicator is not yet initialized.
Network problem, or you answered "N" to
"Cannot Upload Try Again?" prompt.
What to do
Wait for signal quality indicator LEDs to be lit.
Press [Y].
Initiate the Force Server Update
Command by pressing the [0] key.


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