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Hwf2-Com Trouble Detection Information; Fault Condition; Hwf2-Com Specifications - Honeywell HWF2V-COM Installation And Setup Manual

Commercial fire communicator
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HWF2-COM Trouble Detection Information

Telco 1 is used for the Fire Panel to output contact ID messages to the HWF2-COM, and Telco 2 is used by the HWF2-COM
to report faults to the Fire Panel. If Telco 1 is not operational, the Fire Panel will use Telco 2 to report events if there are no
faults in the Communicator.

Fault Condition

PowerBoost1 fault
AC Loss
Power Supply fault
Low Battery
Loss of ECP (Wiring or Addressing)
Radio not registered
Communicator fault
Failure of the communications path when IP only or Cell only is
programmed as a communications path.
Failure of both communications paths when IP&Cell is pro-
grammed as a communications path.
Failure of one of the communication paths when IP and Cell
are enabled as the communications path.
Dialer Capture Module buffer is full.

HWF2-COM Specifications

Cabinet Dimensions:
Transformer: N8167 or
Battery Charging Current:
Battery Discharge Current:
Width 12 3/4 inches, Height 14 7/8 inches, Depth 3 inches
Primary – 120VAC, 60Hz, Secondary – 18VAC, 50VA
12V, 7Ah sealed lead acid type (not supplied)
Use a Honeywell 712BNP, Yuasa NP7-12 or equivalent.
maximum 1A
standby 210mA, active 290mA
Operating temperature: 0ºC to +49ºC
Storage temperature: –40º to +70ºC
Altitude: to 10,000 ft. operating, to 40,000 ft. storage
The Radio (communicator), battery, and AC power, conditions are monitored by the
cabinet indicator LEDs:
RADIO TROUBLE lights when any of these conditions exist.
• Both IP and Cell communication paths are lost.
• Communicator radio is not registered.
• Old Alarm Time has been exceeded. (Message has not been delivered within the
fixed 10-minute window.)
LOW BATTERY lights when the battery voltage is less than 11.5VDC.
AC LOSS lights when the AC power is less than 90VAC.
Indication to Fire Panel
Telco 2 is cut.
Telco 2 is cut.
Telco 2 is cut.
Telco 2 is cut.
Telco 1 and 2 are cut.
Telco 1 and 2 are cut.
Telco 1 and 2 are cut.
Telco 1 and 2 are cut.
Telco 2 is cut.
Hang up. (Panel will retry, giving the buffer a
chance to empty.)


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