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Register By Phone; Step 5 - Configure The Fire Panel; Step 6 - Test The System - Honeywell HWF2V-COM Installation And Setup Manual

Commercial fire communicator
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Registration BAD

Register by Phone

You can register the communicator by calling the AlarmNet Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 1-800-222-
6525. You will need the following information:
• MAC number (found on the box and inside the communicator).
• Subscriber information (provided by the central station), including a city code, CSID, and a
subscriber ID.
• When instructed to do so, triple-click the tamper switch to complete the registration.
STEP 5 – Configure the Fire Panel
Ensure the Phone Line Supervision (or Telco Fault) on the panel is enabled. Then choose a setting that is no higher
than 90 seconds (or as close to that) as the panel allows.
Ensure no more than 1 pause character (usually a comma) is programmed into the dialing string (usually 2 seconds).
NOTE, this is necessary since the Dialer Capture Module waits only 3 seconds after the phone number is dialed.
Having more than 3 seconds of pause time will cause it to think the phone number is complete and cause it to gener-
ate the high-low tones at an incorrect moment.
STEP 6 – Test the System
Close the Wall Outlet Box, then close and lock the cabinet cover.
Refer to the fire panel's installation/operation guide the testing procedure.
(Notify the monitoring station that a test will be conducted.) Test the system to ensure it is operating.
Verify communications with the monitoring station is successful by sending several events. Also, get confirmation
that these events were received.
If you entered an invalid PIN, the appropriate message is displayed
depending on which account number is being replaced (see above for
exact wording). The registration process is repeated.
NOTE: Each attempt causes a substitution alarm to be sent to the cen-
tral station.


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