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Aligning The Appliance - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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Installing the appliance
On furniture with door fittings (e.g.
stubs, seals etc.) the dimension of
these must be taken into account
when making sure there is a gap all
round of 42 mm.
 Pull the appliance forwards by the
appropriate dimension.
 Check again, to make sure there is a
gap of 42 mm to the front edges of
the door fittings.
Tip: If possible, remove door fittings
and push the appliance into the niche
until all fixing brackets at the top and
bottom are in line with the front edge of
the housing unit side wall.

Aligning the appliance

When securing the appliance in the
niche at the top, the appliance
should sit lightly tensioned between
the floor and the worktop.
 Adjust the front and rear feet altern-
ately according to the height of the
niche and make sure the appliance is
correctly aligned.
Proceed as follows:
 Adjust both rear feet with appropriate
screws  at the front right and left in
the appliance plinth using a flat
bladed screwdriver.
 Use an Allen key to unscrew both
front feet.
Tip: As soon as the feet have been un-
screwed slightly, you can adjust them
with a screwdriver at the bottom of the
foot (see small illustration).



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