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Fitting A Continuous Furniture Plinth Facing - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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The foam  ensures the airflow
is separated to prevent malfunction-
ing of the appliance.
 Insert the piece of foam  supplied.
 Refit plinth facing , but do not se-
cure it in position yet.
Without a continuous plinth facing:
 Pull the plinth facing  forwards until
the ventilation slats are in alignment
with adjacent cabinet plinth facings.
 Hold the plinth facing securely and
attach it to the right and left using the
bolts supplied .
With a continuous plinth facing:
 Push the plinth facing  right up
against the refrigeration appliance,
and attach it to the right and left us-
ing bolts .
Installing the appliance
Fitting a continuous furniture
plinth facing
Ventilation takes place through a
ventilation grille in the appliance
The ventilation grille must never be
If a continuous plinth facing is to be
fitted, a suitable ventilation gap will
need to be made in it for the ventila-
tion grille of the appliance:
 Trim the furniture plinth facing (U) to
the correct height.
 Adjust the height (V) along the niche
width (W) underneath the appliance
plinth facing .



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