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Cleaning The Door Seals; Cleaning The Ventilation Gaps; Clean The Compressor At The Back Of The Appliance; After Cleaning - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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Cleaning the door seals

If a door seal is damaged or if it
has come out of the groove, the door
will not close properly and cooling
performance will be reduced.
Condensate will build up in the in-
terior and this can cause a build-up
of ice.
Do not damage door seals and en-
sure that they do not come out of
their groove.
Do not use any grease or oil on door
seals as these will cause them to de-
teriorate and become porous over
 Door seals should be cleaned regu-
larly with clean water, and then wiped
dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning the ventilation gaps

A build-up of dust will increase the en-
ergy consumption of the appliance.
 The ventilation gaps should be
cleaned on a regular basis with a
brush or vacuum cleaner (e.g. use the
dusting brush for Miele vacuum
Cleaning and care
Clean the compressor at the
back of the appliance
When cleaning the compressor,
make sure that cables and other
components do not get ripped off,
kinked or damaged in any way.
Dust the compressor at the back of the
refrigeration appliance at least once a
year. A build-up of dust will increase the
energy consumption of the appliance.

After cleaning

 Close the appliance door.
 Reconnect to the mains and switch
the appliance back on.
 Switch on the Super freeze function
so that the appliance can cool down
 Once the temperature in the freezer is
sufficiently low, place the food back
in the freezer drawers and put them
back in the freezer.
 Switch the Super freeze function off.



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