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Switching On And Off; Before Using For The First Time; Switching Off; Switching Off For Longer Periods Of Time - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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Before using for the first time

Packaging material
 Remove all packaging material from
the inside of the appliance.
Please refer to the relevant instruc-
tions in "Cleaning and care".
 Clean the inside of the appliance and
the accessories.
Switching the appliance on
To enable the temperature to get suf-
ficiently cold inside the appliance, al-
low the appliance to run for a few
hours before placing food in it for the
first time.
Do not place food in the freezer until
it has reached the required coldness
(at least -18 °C).
 Press the  button.
The appliance will start cooling. The
temperature display and the alarm sym-
bol  will flash until the freezer is cold
enough to use.

Switching on and off

Switching off

 Press the  button until the display
goes out.
If this does not work, the safety lock is
activated (see "Selecting further set-
tings – Activating and deactivating the
safety lock").
The cooling system will be switched off.
Switching off for longer peri-
ods of time
If, during a long absence, the ap-
pliance is switched off but not
cleaned and the door(s) left shut,
there is a danger of mould building
up inside the appliance.
It is essential to clean the appliance.
If the appliance is not going to be used
for a longer period of time, e.g. whilst
on holiday:
 switch the appliance off,
 disconnect it from the mains,
 defrost the freezer section,
 clean the appliance and
 leave the door(s) ajar to air the appli-
ance and avoid odours building up in-
side the appliance.



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