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Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions page 39

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Display warnings
The  symbol lights up
in the display. You can-
not switch the appli-
ance off.
Two bars are flashing in
the display.
The buzzer is sounding
and the  symbol and
the temperature display
are flashing.
Cause and remedy
The safety lock has been activated.
 Completely deactivate the safety lock (see "Select-
ing further settings – Activating and deactivating
the safety lock").
A temperature will not be shown in the display until
the temperature in the appliance drops below 0 °C.
 Check the temperature in the display about 6
hours after switching the appliance on.
The temperature alarm has been activated (see
"Temperature and door alarm"). The temperature in
the freezer section is too warm or too cold.
This could be due to, for example:
– the appliance door being opened too often, or be-
ing left open.
– a large quantity of fresh food being placed in the
freezer at once without switching on the Super
freeze function.
– a lengthy interruption of the power supply.
 Rectify the cause of the alarm.  will go out.
Depending on the temperature displayed, you
should check whether food in the freezer has star-
ted to thaw or has defrosted. If it has, it should be
used as soon as possible. Defrosted food may
only be re-frozen after it has been cooked.
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