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Electrical Connection - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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Electrical connection

The appliance is supplied with a power
cable and moulded plug ready for con-
nection to an AC 230 V 50 Hz supply.
The fuse rating must be at least 10 A
(13 A in the UK).
This appliance must be connected to a
suitable switched socket which is easily
accessible. The electrical connection
must comply with current local and na-
tional safety regulations (BS 7671 in the
The accessibility of the plug must al-
ways be ensured in order to be able to
quickly separate the appliance from the
If the mains socket is not accessible
after the appliance has been built in, a
separator for each terminal must be
present. There must be an all-pole con-
tact gap of at least 3 mm in the switch
(including switch, fuses and relays ac-
cording to EN 60335).
The plug and mains connection cable
must not come into contact with the
back of the appliance as vibrations can
cause damage to these components.
This, in turn, could result in a short cir-
Do not plug in other appliances behind
this appliance.
Do not connect the appliance to the
mains electricity supply by an extension
lead. Extension leads do not guarantee
the required safety of the appliance
(e.g. danger of overheating).
Do not connect the appliance to an in-
verter such as those used with an
autonomous energy source e.g. solar
power. When switched on, peak loads
in the system can cause the safety
switch-off mechanism to be triggered.
This can damage the electronic unit.
The appliance must not be used with
so-called energy-saving devices
either. These reduce the amount of en-
ergy supplied to the appliance, causing
it to overheat.
If the mains cable needs to be replaced
this must be done by a suitably quali-
fied person.



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