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Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions page 40

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Problem solving guide
The power failure sym-
bol , appears in the
display and the alarm
tone sounds.
The temperature display
will show the warmest
temperature recorded in
the freezer during a
power failure or an in-
terruption to the power
The  symbol lights up
in the display, the appli-
ance does not get cold,
although the controls
and the interior lighting
are working.
"F0 to F9" appears in
the display.
Cause and remedy
Indication of an power failure: the temperature in the
appliance over the last few days or hours has risen
too high because of a power failure or interruption to
the power supply.
The appliance will go back to the last temperature
setting when the power is back on.
 Press the Alarm off button.
The warmest temperature displayed will disappear.
The display will then revert to showing the current
temperature in the freezer section.
 Depending on the temperature displayed, you
should check whether food in the freezer has star-
ted to thaw or has defrosted. If it has, it should be
used as soon as possible. Defrosted food may
only be re-frozen after it has been cooked.
Demo mode is switched on. This allows the appliance
to be presented in the showroom without the cooling
system being switched on. Do not activate this setting
for domestic use.
 Contact the Miele Service Department for informa-
tion on deactivating Demo mode.
There is a fault.
 Call the Miele Service Department.



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