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Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions page 59

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 Using a pencil, lightly mark a line
down the centre of the inside of the
furniture door .
 Hang fixing bracket with the fitting
aids  onto the inside of the fur-
niture door.
Align the fixing bracket centrally.
 Attach the fixing bracket securely us-
ing at least 6 short chipboard
screws  (4 x 14 mm). (On cassette
doors only use 4 screws on the
 Pull the fitting aids upwards to re-
move them .
 Turn them around and fit them into
the middle slots on fixing bracket 
for safe keeping.
Installing the appliance
 Hang the furniture door onto adjust-
ing bolts .
 Loosely attach nuts  on the adjust-
ing bolts.
 Close the door and check the dis-
tance between the door and neigh-
bouring furniture doors.
 Align to match neighbouring doors if
Side adjustments X are made by slid-
ing the furniture door, and height ad-
justments Y by turning adjusting bolts
 with a screwdriver.



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