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Problem Solving Guide - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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Problem solving guide

Many malfunctions and faults that can occur in daily operation can be easily
remedied. Time and money will be saved because a service call will not be
The following guide may help you to find the reason for a malfunction or a fault,
and to correct it.
To prevent unnecessary loss of temperature it is advisable not to open the door
while waiting for the appliance to be serviced.
The appliance is not
getting cold and the in-
terior lighting does not
come on when the door
is opened.
The compressor runs
Cause and remedy
The appliance has not been switched on.
 Switch the appliance on.
The plug is not inserted in the socket correctly.
 Insert the plug into the socket correctly and switch
Check whether the mains fuse has tripped. There
could be a fault with the appliance, the household
electrical wiring or another electrical appliance.
 Contact a qualified electrician or Miele.
This is not a fault. To save energy, the compressor
runs at a lower speed, but for longer, when less cool-
ing is required.



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