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Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions page 38

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Problem solving guide
The compressor comes
on less and less often
and for shorter periods
of time.
An LED indicator light is
flashing at the back of
the appliance at the
bottom near the com-
pressor (depending on
The electronic unit for
the compressor is
equipped with an oper-
ation and fault dia-
gnosis LED indicator
Cause and remedy
Not a fault. The temperature setting is too high.
 Adjust the temperature.
 Check the temperature again after 24 hours.
The food begins to defrost.
The room temperature is too low for this appliance.
If the room temperature is too low, the compressor
will run less frequently. This may cause the freezer to
become too warm.
 See the information in "Installation – "Location".
 Increase the temperature of the room.
The indicator light flashes several times every
5 seconds.
A fault has occurred.
 Call Service.
The indicator light flashes regularly every
15 seconds.
This is not a fault. This flashing is normal.



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