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Temperature Display - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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Temperature display

The temperature display on the control
panel always shows the temperature
in the warmest part of the appliance.
The temperature display will flash if:
– the temperature is not within the
range that can be displayed, e.g. be-
cause the appliance has just been
switched on.
– a different temperature has just been
– the temperature in the appliance has
risen by several degrees, indicating
that the appliance is warming up too
This short-term loss of coldness is no
cause for concern if:
– the door has been left open for a
while, e.g. for removing or storing a
large amount of food,
– fresh food is being frozen.
The temperature display will light up
constantly once the temperature has
dropped and reached approx. -10 °C.
If the temperature in the freezer
remains above -18 °C for a long
time, check that the frozen food has
not started to defrost.
If it has, check that the food is safe
to use and if it is, then use it as soon
as possible or cook it before freezing
it again.
The correct temperature



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