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Changing The Door Hinging - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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Changing the door hinging

Before building the appliance in, you
will need to decide on which side the
door is to be hinged. If left hand hinging
is required, follow the instructions be-
To change the door hinging, you will
need the following tools:
Appliance door
 Open the appliance door.
 Remove covers ,  and  with a
 Loosen fixing screws  slightly.
 Push the appliance door outwards,
take it off its hinges  and place it to
one side.
 Now remove fixing screws  com-
pletely and screw them loosely into
position at the top  and bottom 
on the opposite side.
Use a power screwdriver to secure
the hinges. The screws are self-tap-
If you have put locking pins into the
hinges to stop the door opening too far:



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