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Caring For The Environment - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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Disposal of the packing mater-
The packaging is designed to protect
the appliance from damage during
transportation. The packaging materials
used are selected from materials which
are environmentally friendly for disposal
and should be recycled.
Recycling the packaging reduces the
use of raw materials in the manufactur-
ing process and also reduces the
amount of waste in landfill sites.

Caring for the environment

Disposal of your old appliance
Electrical and electronic appliances of-
ten contain valuable materials. They
also contain specific materials, com-
pounds and components, which were
essential for their correct function and
safety. These could be hazardous to hu-
man health and to the environment if
disposed of with your domestic waste
or if handled incorrectly. Please do not,
therefore, dispose of your old appliance
with your household waste.
Please dispose of it at your local com-
munity waste collection / recycling
centre for electrical and electronic ap-
pliances, or contact your dealer or
Miele for advice. You are also respons-
ible (by law, depending on country) for
deleting any personal data that may be
stored on the appliance being disposed
Take care not to damage the pipework
at the back of it before or during trans-
portation to an authorised collection de-
In this way, refrigerant in the pipework
and oil in the compressor will be con-
tained, and will not leak into the envir-
Please ensure that your old appliance
presents no danger to children while
being stored awaiting disposal. See
"Warning and Safety instructions" for
more information.



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