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Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions page 9

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Correct use
The appliance is designed for use within a certain climate range
(ambient temperatures), and should not be used outside this range.
The climate range for your appliance is stated on the data plate in-
side the appliance. Installing it in a room with too low an ambient
temperature, e.g. a garage, will lead to the appliance switching off
for longer periods so that it cannot maintain the required temperat-
Do not cover or block the air vents as this could impair the effi-
ciency of the appliance, increase the electricity consumption and
could cause damage to the components.
The appliance lid has plastic edges. Take care not to get oil or fat
on it. Oil and fat can cause stress cracks to the plastic, which can
cause it to break or tear.
If storing food which contains a lot of fat or oil in the appliance or
the door, make sure that it does not come into contact with plastic
components as this could cause stress cracks or break the plastic.
Do not store explosive materials in the appliance or any products
containing propellants (e.g. spray cans). Electrical components could
cause flammable vapours to ignite. Danger of fire and explosion.
Do not operate any electrical equipment (e.g. an electric ice cream
maker) inside the appliance. Danger of sparking and explosion.
Do not store cans or bottles containing carbonated drinks or li-
quids which could freeze in the freezer. The cans or bottles could ex-
plode. Danger of injury and damage to the appliance.
When cooling drinks quickly in the freezer, make sure bottles are
not left in for more than one hour; otherwise they could burst, caus-
ing injury or damage.
Never handle frozen food or the metal parts of the appliance with
wet hands. Your hands may freeze to the frozen food or to the metal.
Danger of frost burn.
Warning and Safety instructions



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