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Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions page 31

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To defrost
The longer the food is left out at
room temperature, the faster it de-
Carry out the defrosting procedure
as quickly as possible.
Steam from a steam cleaning ap-
pliance could reach the electrical
components and cause a short cir-
Do not use a steam cleaning appli-
ance to defrost the appliance.
Do not place electric heaters or
candles in the appliance to defrost it.
These can damage the plastic parts.
Do not use defrosting sprays or
de-icers. These could contain sub-
stances which could damage the
plastic parts or which might cause a
build-up of explosive gases and
pose a danger to health.
 Switch the appliance off.
The display goes out and cooling is
switched off. If this does not happen,
the lock is still activated (see "Selecting
further settings - To deactivate the
 Disconnect it from the mains.
 Leave the freezer door open.
To speed up defrosting, two bowls of
hot water (not boiling), with plates un-
derneath them, can be placed in the
freezer. Closing the door in this instance
will help retain the warmth and speed
up the defrosting process.
 Remove any loose pieces of ice.
Ensure that water does not get
into the surrounding cabinetry.
 Use a sponge or towel to soak up the
defrosted water as often as neces-



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