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Installation; Side-By-Side Combinations; Location - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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This appliance must be built in, oth-
erwise it could tip up.
Keep the appliance door(s) shut until
the appliance has been built in and
secured in its housing in accordance
with these operating and installation
Fire risk and danger of damage!
This appliance must not be installed
underneath a hob.

Side-by-side combinations

As a general rule, refrigerators and
freezers should not be installed side-
by-side with other such appliances so
as to avoid a build-up of condensation
between them and the damage this
can cause.
However your refrigeration appliance
can be installed "side-by-side" because
it is equipped with built-in heating units
in the side panels.
Please contact your dealer for specific
information about which combinations
will work with your appliance.


This appliance should be installed in a
dry, well-ventilated room.
When deciding where to install your re-
frigeration appliance please bear in
mind that it will use more energy if in-
stalled near to a heater, a cooker or
other appliance that gives off heat. Dir-
ect sunlight should also be avoided.
The higher the room temperature, the
longer the compressor runs and the
higher the energy consumption is.
When installing the appliance, please
– The socket must be easily accessible
in an emergency, not concealed be-
hind the appliance.
– The plug and cable must not touch
the rear of the appliance as they
could be damaged by vibrations from
the appliance.
– Do not plug in other appliances be-
hind this appliance.





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