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Adjusting The Door Hinges; Limiting The Opening Angle Of The Door - Miele F 31202 Ui Operating And Installation Instructions

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Adjusting the door hinges

Adjusting the door hinges
If you would like the appliance door to
be cushioned so that it opens more
softly, the spring tension on the appli-
ance door can be adjusted.
To do this, use an allen key to adjust the
door hinges.
 To reduce the opening angle:
 Turn the Allen key clockwise.
This tightens the hinges and makes it
harder to open the door wide.
 To open the door fully:
 Turn the Allen key anti-clockwise.
The hinge is looser, making it easier to
open the door.
Limiting the opening angle of
the door
The door hinges are set ex works to en-
able the door to be opened wide.
However if the opening angle of the
door needs to be limited for any reason,
the hinge can be adjusted to accom-
modate this.
If the appliance door hits an adjacent
wall when opened, for example, the
opening angle can be limited to approx.
The locking pins for limiting the door
opening must be fitted before the ap-
pliance is installed.
 Place the locking pins supplied for
limiting the door opening into the
hinges from above.
The door opening angle is now limited
to approx. 90°.



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