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Nmt Start All Nodes Delay (un\g70); Sdo Time Out (un\g71); Nmt Error Clear Node (un\g400) - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC L-Series User Manual

Programmable logic controllers.
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Buffer Memory Details: CANopen€ Mode
Tab. 3-15: Buffer memory addresses for the time stamp
Timestamp will be only produced if the module is active NMT Master.
If the ME3CAN1-L is setup as "consumer " this buffer memory addresses will be ignored.

NMT Start all Nodes delay (Un\G70)

During the NMT master startup, the NMT master sends, depending on the configuration, a NMT Reset
communication all Nodes and NMT Start all Nodes.
The value in Un\G70 sets the minimum time between these two NMT messages, to ensure that a slow
NMT Slave recognizes the NMT Start all Nodes message.
The value can be set in ms (default: 500 ms).
The setting range is 0 ms to 65535 ms.
For the NMT Startup process please refer to section 4.8.5.

SDO Time out (Un\G71)

In Un\G71 the time out for SDO communication is set.
The value can be set in ms (default: 500 ms).
The setting range is 50 ms to 32767 ms.
For SDO please refer to section 4.6.4.

NMT Error Clear Node (Un\G400)

Un\G400 specifies the number of the node, whose NMT errors are to be cleared.
To clear the NMT errors of all nodes (Un\G401–Un\G527), write 0000
This is also the default setting.
After writing a value to this Un\G400, please execute the NMT error clear by setting the output Y(n+1)0
to ON (Please refer to section 3.3.2).
MELSEC-L Series – CANopen€ Module ME3CAN1-L
Time stamp
Transmission interval
Daily correction
Detailed Description of the Module
Description / Value range
Value range: 0 to 59
Value range: 0 to 59
Display range: 0 to 6 (0: Sunday to 6: Saturday)
The Day of the week will be calculated during the setup of
the clock data automatically.
Set the transmission time interval for the Time stamp Object
in multiples of minutes.
Setting range:
0 =
Time stamp transmission disabled
1 to 1440 = 1 min to 1440 Minutes (24 hours)
A constant miscount of the clock can be corrected in steps
of 1 sec per day.
Setting range: -60 to +60
to this buffer memory address.
3 – 21


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