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Setup And Procedures Before Operation; Implementation And Installation; Handling Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC L-Series User Manual

Programmable logic controllers
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Implementation and Installation


Setup and Procedures before Operation

This chapter explains the procedures for connecting the ME3CAN1-L to a CAN network, wiring and
other information.
Implementation and Installation
This section provides the handling precautions, from unpacking to installation of the ME3CAN1-L.
The ME3CAN1-L can be connected to a CPU module, an extension module or a CC-Link IE Field net-
work head module of the MELSEC-L series (refer to section 2.1).
For details on the implementation and installation of the ME3CAN1-L, refer to the user's manual
(Hardware design, maintenance and inspection) for the CPU module used.

Handling Precautions

The following are precautions for handling the ME3CAN1-L as a unit.
● Do not drop the module or subject it to heavy impact.
● Do not remove the printed-circuit board of each module from its case.
This may cause a failure in the module.
● Be careful not to let foreign objects such as wire chips enter the module during wiring. In the
event any foreign object enters, remove it immediately.
● Tighten the screws within the following torque range:
Screw location
CAN cable connector screw (#4 - 40UNC screws)
Tab. 6-1: Tightening torque
MELSEC-L Series – CANopen€ Module ME3CAN1-L
Setup and Procedures before Operation
Tightening torque range
0.20 to 0.28 Nm
6 – 1


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