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Wiring; Wiring Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC L-Series User Manual

Programmable logic controllers.
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Wiring Precautions

Please observe the following precautions for external wiring:
● Perform class D grounding (grounding resistance: 100
cable (refer to section 6.3.2). Do not use common grounding with heavy electrical systems.
● Always confirm the connector layout before connecting the CAN bus to the ME3CAN1-L.
(For the signal layout of the connector please refer to section 3.1.2)
● Make sure to properly wire to the CAN bus connector in accordance with the following precautions.
Failure to do so may cause electric shock, equipment failures, a short-circuit, wire breakage, malfunc-
tions, or damage to the product.
– The size of the cable end should follow the dimensions described in the manual.
– Tightening torque should follow the specifications in the manual.
– Twist the end of strand wire and make sure that there are no loose wires.
– Do not solder-plate the electric wire ends.
– Do not connect more than the specified number of wires or electric wires of unspecified size.
– Affix the electric wires so that neither the connector nor the connected parts are directly
● Make sure that foreign matter such as cutting chips and wire scraps does not enter the ME3CAN1-L.
Failure to observe this could lead to fires, faults or malfunctioning.
● Make sure to affix the CAN bus connector with fixing screws.
Tightening torque should be within 0.20 to 0.28 Nm. Loose connections may cause malfunctions.
● Do not disconnect the CAN bus cable connected to the ME3CAN1-L by pulling the cable section.
Be sure to hold the connector connected to the ME3CAN1-L. Pulling the cable while it is connected
to the ME3CAN1-L may lead to malfunctioning or damage of the ME3CAN1-L or cable.
● Make sure to observe the following precautions in order to prevent any damage to the machinery
or accidents due to abnormal data written to the PLC under the influence of noise:
– Do not bundle or adjacently lay the communication cable connected to the ME3CAN1-L with
the main circuit line, power line, or the load line other than that for the PLC. Separate these by
100 mm as a guide. Failure to observe this could lead to malfunctioning caused by noise, surge,
or induction.
– Ground the shield wire or shield of a shielded cable. Do not use common grounding with heavy
electrical systems.
● Place the communication cable in grounded metallic ducts or conduits both inside and outside of
the control panel whenever possible.
MELSEC-L Series – CANopen€ Module ME3CAN1-L
Setup and Procedures before Operation
or less) to the shield of the twisted shield
6 – 3


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