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Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC L-Series User Manual Page 110

Programmable logic controllers.
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Object 1F81
This object configures on the NMT Master for each node-ID (corresponding to the sub-index) the
node guarding values and the NMT Slave configuration. Each sub-index of this object corresponds to
the node-ID of a CANopen€ device in the network. The sub-index which corresponds to the node-ID
of the NMT Master is ignored.
To enable node guarding the configuration (bit 0), the guard time and the retry factor need to be set.
Bit 31 ... Bit 16
Guard time
● Guard time
– The value for the guard time indicates the cycle time for the node guarding of the CANopen€
device. The value is in units of ms. The value 0 disables the node guarding of the CANopen€
device. If the heartbeat consumer object is configured to a value
mechanism will have priority over node guarding.
– Setting range: K0 to K65535
● Retry factor
– The value for the retry factor indicates the number of retries the NMT master issues in case of
a node guarding event. The value 0 disables the node guarding of the CANopen€ device.
– Setting range: K0 to K255
● Configuration
Fig. 4-33: Bit allocation for the configuration field of NMT slave assignment
NMT slave
NMT boot slave
Tab. 4-30: Description of t he configuration field
4 – 44
, Sub-index 01
to 7F
Bit 15 ... Bit 8
Bit 7 ... Bit 0
Retry factor
Bit 7 ... Bit 5
Bit 4
Bit = 0: Remote node is NMT master or not
Bit = 1: Remote node is NMT slave and assigned
to this NMT master
Shall configuration and NMT service Start remote
node be allowed in case of error control event or
NMT service Boot-up?
Bit = 0: Shall not be allowed.
Bit = 1: Shall be performed
: NMT slave assignment
Fig. 4-32:
Bit allocation for NMT slave assignment
Bit 3
Bit 2
NMT boot
If the NMT master shall start-up the NMT slave
and/or execute node-guarding to the NMT
slave, it's mandatory to set this bit.
When using flying master service, please con-
sider that if flying masters are not the active
NMT master and need to be started up by the
active NMT master, these flying master shall
switch to NMT slave mode. (Refer to section
Refer to sections 4.8.1, 4.8.2 and 4.8.12.
Network Management
0, then the heartbeat
Bit 1
Bit 0
NMT slave


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