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Troubleshooting; List Of Symptoms - Brother 882-W30 Operation Manual

Embroidery and sewing machine.
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If the machine stops operating correctly, check the following possible problems before requesting service.
You can solve most problems by yourself. If you need additional help, the Brother Solutions Center offers
the latest FAQs and troubleshooting tips. Visit us at " ".
If the problem persists, contact your authorized Brother dealer or the nearest Brother authorized service

List of Symptoms

If you have a minor problem with your machine, check the following solutions. If the solutions suggested
do not correct the problem, contact your authorized Brother dealer. Press
for advice about minor embroidering problems during embroidering. Press
to return to the original screen.
■ Getting ready
Cannot thread the
Needle is not in the correct position.
Needle is installed incorrectly.
Needle is turned, bent or the point is dull.
Upper threading is incorrect.
The needle threader hook is bent and does not
pass through the eye of the needle.
The needle threader lever cannot be moved or
returned to its original position.
A size 65/9 needle is being used.
Cannot lower the
Embroidery foot was raised using the "Presser
embroidery foot with
Foot Lifter" button.
the presser foot lever.
Bobbin thread does
The thread is not passed through the bobbin
not wind neatly on the
winding thread guide correctly.
Bobbin spins slowly.
The thread that was pulled out was not wound
onto the bobbin correctly.
The empty bobbin was not set on the pin
While winding the
You have not wound the bobbin thread
bobbin, the bobbin
properly when you are initially winding thread
thread was wound
on the bobbin as well as being sure that the
below the bobbin
bobbin thread is set in the guides.
winder seat.
The bobbin thread
Needle is turned, bent or the point is dull.
cannot be pulled up.
Bobbin is set incorrectly.
Machine does not
All keys and buttons have been locked by
Nothing appears in
Main power switch is not turned on.
the LCD.
The plug of the power cord is not inserted into
an electrical outlet.
The LCD screen does
The brightness of the screen is not adjusted.
not look very clear.
Press the "Needle Position" button to raise the
Reinstall the needle correctly.
Replace the needle.
Check the steps for threading the machine and
rethread the machine.
Contact your authorized Brother dealer.
Contact your authorized Brother dealer.
The needle is incompatible with the needle
threader. Manually pass the thread through the
eye of the needle.
Press the "Presser Foot Lifter" button to lower
the embroidery foot.
Correctly pass the thread through the bobbin
winding thread guide.
in the bobbin winding window to
increase the bobbin winding speed.
Wind the thread that was pulled off around the
bobbin 5 or 6 times clockwise.
Set the empty bobbin on the pin and slowly
turn the bobbin until you hear it click in place.
After removing the thread wound below the
bobbin winder seat, wind the bobbin correctly.
Follow the drawn images on the top of the
machine for guidance when threading the
machine for bobbin winding.
Replace the needle.
Reset the bobbin thread correctly.
Press to unlock all keys and
Turn the main power to ON.
Insert the plug of the power cord into an
electrical outlet.
Adjust the "Screen Display Brightness" in the
settings screen.
at any time
9, 11


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