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Freezer Freezing Level Selection - Whirlpool WBM35LW Service Manual

Electronic top mount refrigerator
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Should the Door remain open for 6 minutes the electronic control system will turn the Lamps off and turn
the Fan Motor on again (if compressor is on). Thence, the Refrigerator starts cycling normally, even with
the Door open. The alarm is however sounding and the DOOR OPEN Led and the green Leds for
temperature selection will flash intermittently until the Door is closed. The audible alarm, however, can
be turned off by pressing the ALARM button.
3.2.5 – Freezer Freezing Level Selection :
For all models, every time the face FREEZING LEVEL button is pressed, the levels MINIMUM, MEDIUM or
MAXIMUM is selected according to the table in item 3.2.1 and the corresponding green Led turns on. If the
consumer does not inform the desired temperature level, the Refrigerator will automatically start on the
Medium level.
If the consumer still pressing the Freezing Level button, the FAST FREEZING function will be activated (at
this moment the three green Led's are simultaneously lit ), which temporarily eliminates the Temperature
Sensor performance, the Compressor will remain on for up to 18 hours. When the function is enabled, the
electronic control system stops controlling the Compressor and Fan Motor operation.
To disable it, the FREEZING LEVEL button must be pressed again. The product will then operate again on
the last temperature range it was previously selected. In case the function is not disabled, the electronic
control will do it after 18 HOURS.
Should the Door be open when the Fast Freezing function is on, the system performs
its function normally, the fan however should only be turned on after 6 minutes or when
the Door is closed.
Should the Refrigerator be performing the Defrost operation when the Fast Freezing
function is enabled, the electronic system will complete this and only then the Fast
Freezing will start. The Interface Board, however, remains with the 3 green Leds lit,
indicating to the User that the Fast Freezing function has been enabled.
Should the Fast Freezing function last for the maximum time (18 hours), the
Refrigerator will perform 2 Defrost operations.
3.2.6 – Defrost System:
See the items making up the Defrost System on the below drawing:

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