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Cabinet; Compressor; Kickplate - Whirlpool WBM35LW Service Manual

Electronic top mount refrigerator
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These models uses the R134A Cooling Fluid on their System.
Technicians trained on Sealed Unit Reoperation with the R134A HFC are the only
personnel authorized to maintain the Refrigerator. Bear in mind that the maintenance
equipment and other parts are exclusive for this cooling fluid type.
5.2 – Cabinet :
The Cabinets are fitted with a flange and side heating tube so as to avoid sweating in places where the
relative humidity is very high.
In addition, a 10-Watt Resistance is located in the Return Duct in such a way to avoid any possible freezing
on that area. This resistance is factory turned ON.
5.3 – Compressor :
These models are fitted with Tecumseh Compressors – TPH1380YXC / TP152JR (240V/ 50Hz) which are
prepared to work only with the R134A Fluid and can only be replaced with another of the same type.
5.4 – Evaporator and Suction Line:
At present, all models are being produced with their Suction Line positioned inside the polyurethane
insulation (foamed to the Cabinet) and connected to the Evaporator by 2 Lokring Connections (8mm) and
no longer by weld. In case of repair/ re-operation/ replacement of such components, proceed as indicated in
Item 6.9 - Replacing Evaporator or Suction Line
5.5 – Cooling Fluid Drying Filter :
By operating with the R134A Cooling Fluid the Refrigerant Filter requires a greater quantity of drying
element than the Filters used on products using the R12. Therefore, always use the original Drying Filter.
When repair the Sealed System, always change the Drier Filter, using a new equivalent for R134 A.
5.6 – Kick Plate:
On its lower portion the Refrigerator has a Kick Plate which is attached to the Cabinet by means of two
plastic clips. To remove it, press it down on the area where the clips are located and pull it forward. To fit it
again, just position it against the Cabinet. On fitting it again do not forget to bend down the cutting existing
at the end which remains in contact with the Lower Hinge.

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