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Replacing The Defrost Heater - Whirlpool WBM35LW Service Manual

Electronic top mount refrigerator
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1. Remove all internal components from the Freezer compartment;
2. Loosen the Bottom Lock and pull the Freezer Bottom forward;
3. Using a medium size Screwdriver, remove the Evaporator Front Cover (It will be locked only on the
Rear Cover "Plastic Rims");
4. With a ¼" gun wrench, remove the screws attaching the Evaporator Rear Cover to the evaporator
Internal Box and remove it.
(Be careful when removing the screws, particularly the one located in the lower portion at your right
side, as the Blowing Duct is located there. If a screw is dropped in that area this may cause future
problems such as the Damper locking. Cover the duct entry with a clean cloth or a paper or use a
Magnetized Wrench);
5. Now you already have access to all of the Evaporator functional items.
6.2 – Replacing the Bimetalic with Termofuse (Bimetal):
1. Disconnect its electric terminals (using the Electric Diagram);
2. Unfasten the Binding Strap;
3. Loosen the bulb Holder and remove it;
4. To place the new Bimetal, just attach it properly and connect its terminals.
6.3 – Replacing the Defrost Heater :
1. Move the Defrost Chute front portion forward;
2. Unfold the aluminum fins on the Evaporator sides which are holding the Heater;
3. Disconnect its electric terminals;
4. Move it away carefully and replace it.
6.4 – Assembling and Disassembling the Refrigerator Internal Components:
1. Remove the glass Shelves;
2. Remove the Cold Room Shelf from the Extra Cold Compartment;
6.5 – Replacing the Air Diffuser and Damper :
1. Remove the Damper Button;
2. Remove the Refrigerator Lamp;
3. Loosen the two screws attaching the Air Diffuser Cover (one of them is located behind the Lamp
protector), use a ¼" Gun Wrench;
4. Remove the Air Diffuser Cover;
5. Separate the Air Diffuser from the Diffuser Supplement;
6. Remove the Damper + Damper Housing assembly;
7. Using a ¼" Gun Wrench, remove the screws attaching the Damper and replace it;
8. See the refrigerator compartment components in below

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