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Replacing Evaporator - Whirlpool WBM35LW Service Manual

Electronic top mount refrigerator
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NOTE: The SENSOR must be directed upwards. Do not let the SENSOR hit or rub out the fan helix.
6.8 - Replacing a Cable conection for Potency Module
In the need of replacing the cable Connector Assembly that connects to the Potency Module of these
No Frost Electronic Refrigerators, order the Adapter Assembly, code 326.013.118, consisting of adapter
and 10 connectors (the same utilized for replacing Sensors)
Field Provisions
a) Place the Adapter wire into the connector until the housing end.
Note: For all operations, stripping the wires is not required.
Cut the relevant cable (wire) coming from the Cabinet and place it next to the connector
Using a pliers, press the connector blade until locking the wires (cables)
Repeat operations a, b and c, one after the other, until completing the 10 connections (cables)
Close the connectors.
Do the second isolation using a Tape. Cover all the wires in the same time
Perform the Self-test routine at the end.
The application of this Adapter must be done with extreme attention to avoid cables inversion that will
not occur.
The connection must be done on a cable by cable (wire by wire) basis, pursuant their position in the
Connector and Color, for the cables coming from the Cabinet have different colors in accordance to the
Refrigerator model.

6.9 - Replacing Evaporator

These products are manufactured, with Suction Line foamed to the Cabinet, if replacing the Evaporator is
required, proceed:
a) Order the Evaporator Assembly and 2 Lokring connections (see codes in the table below).
b) Remove the damaged Evaporator
c) Apply the new Evaporator, using 2 Lokring connections (8mm) to link the Suction Line,
Cable Conector
Adapter Conector
PART No. 326.013.118
Link Conector

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