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Whirlpool WBA 3399 NFC IX Use And Care Manual

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Health and Safety
& Use and Care guide



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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool WBA 3399 NFC IX

  • Page 1: Use And Care Guide

    850527711670 WBA 3399 NFC IX Health and Safety & Use and Care guide
  • Page 2 english HEALTH AND SAFETY & USE AND CARE GUIDE . . . . . . p .3 INSTALLATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p .29...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ENGLISH HEALTH & SAFETY and USE & CARE GUIDES Thank you for buying a Whirlpool product. In order to receive a more complete assistance, please register your appliance on Index SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS ............... . 4 SAFEGUARDING THE ENVIRONMENTS .
  • Page 4: Safety Recommendations

    SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS YOUR SAFETY AND SAFETY OF OTHERS IS VERY IMPORTANT. This manual and the appliance instructions. sure the refrigerant circuit pipes itself provide important safety Failure to observe these are not damaged. Keep special warnings, to be read and instructions may lead to risks.
  • Page 5 INTENDED USE damaged during transport. In the For installation to comply with OF THE PRODUCT event of problems, contact the current safety regulations, an dealer or your nearest After-sales omnipolar switch with minimum This appliance is designed solely Service. contact gap of 3mm is required. for use as domestic usage.
  • Page 6 The appliance is arranged for identified by the colour insert or operation in places where the the colour embossed in words on After placing the food check if the temperature comes within the the base of the plug. door of compartments closes following ranges, according to Replacement fuse covers are properly, especially the freezer...
  • Page 7: Safeguarding The Environments

    SAFEGUARDING THE ENVIRONMENT DISPOSAL OF PACkAGING environment and human health, products cools the food in the MATERIALS which could otherwise be caused refrigerator. by inappropriate waste handling Allow warm food and drinks to The packaging material is 100% of this product. cool down before placing in the recyclable and is marked with the appliance.
  • Page 8: Declaration Of Conformity

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY This appliance has been designed This appliance has been › the protection requirements of for preserving food and is designed, manufactured and Directive “EMC” 2004/108/ manufactured in compliance with marketed in compliance with: EC. Electrical safety of the Regulation (CE) No.
  • Page 9: Product Description

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION APPLIANCE 1. Lighting 2. Fan 3. Area Shelves 4. Multi-Flow Cold Air System 5. Bottle Rack 6. Active Zero Display 7. Active Zero Drawer 8. Rating Plate / Commercial Name 9. Fruits And Vegetables Crisper 10. Crisper Divider 11.
  • Page 10: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Height 2000 Width Depth NET VOLUME FRIDGE (L) NET VOLUME FREEzER (L) DEFROST SYSTEM Fridge Automatic Freezer Semi-Automatic RISING TIME (H) FREEzING CAPACITY (kG/24H) Kg/24h ENERGY CONSUMPTION (kWH/24H) 0,69 Kwh/24h NOISE LEVEL (DBA) ENERGY CLASS DOOR DOOR REVERSIBILITY Note: The direction of door opening can be changed.
  • Page 11: Active Zero Drawer

    ACTIVE zERO DRAWER The Active Zero compartment is specifically (for example, meat, fish, fruits and winter designed to maintain a low temperature and the vegetables). correct humidity to preserve fresh food for longer TURNING ON AND TURNING OFF To activate/ THE COMPARTMENT deactivate the box, press the...
  • Page 12: Multiflow And Fan

    MULTIFLOW AND FAN Multiflow and the Fan improves temperature Please note that when the fan is switched on it will distribution inside the refrigerator compartment, not continuously work. The fan will start/stop allowing better preservation of stored food. working depending on the temperature and/or By default, the fan is switched on.
  • Page 13: Freezer Compartment

    FREEzER COMPARTMENT The freezer compartment allows for the storage The quantity of fresh food that can be frozen in 24 of frozen food (for the period indicated on the hours is written on the rating plate. Arrange the packaging) and the freezing of fresh food. fresh food in the freezing area inside the freezer compartment (see Quick Guide), leaving enough space around the food packages to allow air to...
  • Page 14: Accessories

  • Page 15: How To Use The Appliance

    HOW TO USE THE APPLIANCE FIRST TIME USE After plugging the appliance to the mains, it When the appliance is connected to the power starts the operation automatically. supply, the display lights up and all the icons appear on the display for approximately 1 second. The default (factory) values of the fridge compartment settings light-up.
  • Page 16: Daily Use / Functions

    DAILY USE Use the refrigerator compartment only for storing Appliances could have special compartments (Fresh fresh food and the freezer compartment only for Food Compartment, Zero Degree Box,...). In case not storing frozen food, freezing fresh food and making differently specified in the specific booklet of ice cubes.
  • Page 17 FAST COOL FUNCTION When activated, the Fast Cool indication will be displayed by the Using Fast Cool Function it is possible to increase fridge temperature LEDs as shown in the cooling in the refrigerator compartment. The the beside sequence. use of this function is recommended when placing a very high quantity of food in the refrigerator The function is automatically disabled compartment.
  • Page 18 TEMPERATURE ALARM To mute the alarm buzzer press Reset/ Alarm button just once. The Alarm The acoustic alarm sounds and temperature indicator is automatically turned-off as soon indicator (°C) blinks. as the freezer compartment reaches a temperature The alarm is activated when: below -10°C and the temperature set indicator (°C) ›...
  • Page 19 MAkING ICE CUBES Fill 2/3 of the ice tray (if available) with water and put it back in the freezer compartment. Do not use sharp or pointed objects to remove the ice under any circumstances. ECO NIGHT To activate the function, press the (NIGHT TIME RATE) button at the reduced rate start time (depending on the specific rates plan).
  • Page 20: How To Store Food And Beverage

    HOW TO STORE FOOD AND BEVERAGE FRIDGE COMPARTMENT Foods which give off a large amount ethylene gas and those that are sensitive to this gas, such as fruit, The refrigerator is the ideal storage location for vegetables and salad, should always be separated ready meals, fresh and preserved food, dairy or wrapped so as not to reduce the storage life;...
  • Page 21 TEMPERATE zONE Suggested For the storage of tropical fruit, cans, drinks, eggs, sauces, pickles, butter, jam. COOL zONE Suggested for storage of cheese, milk, daily food, delicatessen, yogurt. COOLEST zONE Suggested or the storage of cold cuts, desserts. ACTIVE zERO DRAWER Suggested For the storage of meat, fish.
  • Page 22: Recommended Storage Time For Frozen Food

    RECOMMENDED STORAGE TIME FOR FROzEN FOOD MEAT months STEWS months FRUITS months Beef 8 - 12 Meat, Poultry 2 - 3 Apples DAIRY PRODUCTS Pork, veal 6 - 9 Apricots Lamb 6 - 8 Butter Blackberries 8 - 12 Rabbit 4 - 6 Cheese Blackcurrants /...
  • Page 23: Recommendation In Case Of No Use Of The Appliance

    RECOMMENDATION IN CASE OF NO USE OF THE APPLIANCE ABSENCE / VACATION In case of vacation its recommended to use up food and to disconnect the appliance to save energy. MOVING Take out all internal parts. Screw the adjustable feet so that they do not touch the support surface.
  • Page 24: Cleaning And Maintenance

    CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, Do not use steam cleaners. unplug the appliance from the mains or disconnect the electrical power supply. The buttons and control panel display must not be cleaned with alcohol or alcohol-derived substances, Never use abrasives.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting Guide And After Sales Service

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE & AFTER-SALES SERVICE BEFORE CONTACTING AFTER-SALES SERVICE... Performance problems often result from little things you can find and fix yourself without tools of any kind. FUNCTIONAL SOUNDS Sounds coming from your appliances are normal regulate performances that switch on and off since it has a number of fans and engines to automatically.
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Problem Possible Cause Solution THE APPLIANCE IS NOT There may be an appliance › Check if power cable plugged WORkING power supply problem. into a live socket with the proper voltage. › Check if the protection devices and fuses of the electrical system in your home THERE IS WATER IN THE This is normal in hot, damp...
  • Page 27 THE APPLIANCE There could be various causes › Make sure that the condenser TEMPERATURE IS TOO HIGH (see “Solutions”) (back the appliance) is free of dust and fluff. › Make sure that the door properly closed. › Make sure that the door seals properly fitted.
  • Page 28: After Sales Service

    To receive assistance, call the number shown on the OCCURS, GET IN TOUCH WITH THE NEAREST warranty booklet or follow the instructions on the AFTER-SALES SERVICE website Always specify: • a brief description of the fault; • the type and exact model of the appliance;...
  • Page 29: Installation Guide

    850527711670 WBA 3399 NFC IX Installation guide
  • Page 30 ENGLISH / INSTALLATION HOW TO REVERSE THE DOOR SWING The reversibility kit is provided inside the appliance. Is recommended to reverse door swing by two persons. Be careful not to damage the floors (e.g. parquet) when moving the appliance. Install and level the appliance on a floor strong enough to take its weight and in a place suitable for its size and use.
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