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Alarm System - Whirlpool WBM35LW Service Manual

Electronic top mount refrigerator
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Defrost Bimetalic & Thermofuse
Defrost Heater
Evaporation Container
The Bimetalic (Opening at 15°C and closing at - 6°C) will turn the Defrost Heater off as soon as all ice
existing on the Evaporator has melted. The Defrost Heater, in turn, defrosts the Evaporator more quickly
because it is all along the evaporator length.
The defrost occurs after the Compressor is running for 7 Hours, when it and the Fan Motor are then turned
off and the Heater is turned on. The average Defrost time is 20 to 40 minutes (maximum time).
After the Bimetalic turns the Heater off, it takes 3 minutes for the Compressor to start operating, this time
being enough for all defrosting water to flow out to the Evaporation Container. Once the Compressor is on,
the Fan still awaits another 3 minutes to be in service. – Problems liable to happen during the defrost:
As previously seen the maximum defrost time can not exceed 40 minutes; if this occurs, the electronic
system itself cuts off the Heater current and the defrost is finished. The system however regards this as a
In case this FAULT occurs on 3 consecutive defrosts, the Refrigerator starts to operate normally again,
however all Leds − except for the ON Led − will flash and an alarm will sound at a frequency of 4 Hz (40
bips at every 10 seconds), warning the consumer.
The consumer can disable the alarm by clicking on the ALARM OFF button and should call the Authorized
Service. However, the 3 green Leds will continue to flash. In the event the fault is not yet cleared after 2
Hours, the audible alarm will act again and the customer should disable it again.
This means there is a problem on the defrost components (Heater and/or Bimetal), or on the electronic
control system itself.
Likewise, if the defrost time on three consecutive defrosting lasts less than 8 minutes, the electronic
system will also interpret this as a FAULT and will warn the consumer as described above.
3.2.7 – Alarm System:
These refrigerators have an interface system to the consumer through visual and sound Alarm.

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