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Clean Back - Whirlpool WBM35LW Service Manual

Electronic top mount refrigerator
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Freezer Door
On its lower portion the Freezer Door uses the Clicking Stop
Bushing in order to help close the Door, locking its rim on the
Hinge when the Door is being closed. This bushing type
prevents the door from remaining half open in instances where
the consumer has not noticed that the door did not close.
The Refrigerator Door does not use the Clicking Bushing, but
Clicking Stop Bushing
only the Stop Bushing.
5.9 – Rollers and Leveling Feet:
The Refrigerator is equipped with four rollers which allow it to be easily moved around, making the kitchen
cleaning easier, and with two Leveling Feet in its front portion to lock it on the desired position. To lock the
Refrigerator on the desired position, rotate the Leveling Feet until they reach the ground, raising the
5.10 - Vegetable Tray Humidity Control:
Certain food types such as greens and fruits get dehydrated when
stored in a cold and dry environment. The Vegetable Tray keeps an
appropriate temperature and humidity for storing these food items,
preserving their natural characteristics. For this reason the Vegetable
Tray is equipped with a Humidity Controller, which is a sliding plastic
part allowing to control the air flow to the Tray inside as necessary.
It is recommended to keep the Controller closed in order to preserve the leafy vegetables and open to
preserve fruits.
5.11 – Deodorizer (Neutroliser) :
The Refrigerator is fitted with a "special" activated charcoal filter called Deodorizer. This acts by absorbing
characteristic odors of certain food which circulate inside the product. It thereby prevents these foods from
losing their natural flavor and smell characteristics. The Deodorizer does not need to be replaced as its
validity time is undetermined. It is located at the Air Return inlet.
5.12 – Clean Back:
Refrigerator Door
Stop Bushing
Vegetable Tray
Air Return
Humidity Control

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