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Refrigerator Temperature Control - Whirlpool WBM35LW Service Manual

Electronic top mount refrigerator
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This temperature value is measured close to the Sensor, not at the Freezer Compartment center
3.2.2 – Refrigerator Temperature Control
The temperatures in the Refrigerator compartment are controlled by a Thermostatic Damper, which controls
the cold air flow with three graduations (minimum, medium and maximum).
The Damper does not activates or sends any signal for the Compressor to be either enabled or disabled.
The Damper works independently from the Compressor, that is, it only opens or closes the passage of cold
air from the Freezer to the Refrigerator, increasing or reducing the air flow, thereby controlling the
temperature in this compartment as per the selected graduation.
The temperatures in the compartments are described as follows:
Refrigerator Compartment
WRM34, WBM35
WRM38, WBM39
WRM44, WBM46
3.2.3 – Fan Motor Operation:
The Fan Motor is attached to the Evaporator Rear Cover by a bolt and is responsible for circulating the
forced air inside the Refrigerator.
The Fan Motor:
Works independently from the Compressor and is managed by the electronic control
Turns off whenever any of the doors is opened.
3.2.4 – Door Opening Management :
Whenever one of the doors is open, the following takes place:
The corresponding Lamp turns on.
The Fan Motor turns off.
The red Led with the DOOR OPEN inscription becomes on.
After the door is Open for more than 1 minute and a half, the red LED will start flashing and an alarm
will sound at a frequency of 2 Hz (20 bips at every 10 seconds), warning the consumer. The audible
alarm will be turned off by pressing the ALARM OFF button, but the LED will remain on. After more than
1 minute and a half have elapsed, the alarm will sound again and the LED will flash again. This situation
will be repeated at every 1 minute and half until the Door is closed, when all those functions will then be
turned off.
Cold Room
2 to 4°C
Shelves (Center)
7 to 9°C
Vegetable Drawer
13 to 15°C
-1 to 1°C
-4 to –6°C
4 to 6°C
-1 to 1°C
10 to 12°C
7 to 9°C

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