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Troubleshooting; Diagnosing Problems - LG FH4F9BDS0H Owner's Manual

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The appliance is equipped with an automatic error-monitoring system to detect and diagnose problems at an early
stage. If the appliance does not function properly or does not function at all, check the following before you call for

Diagnosing Problems

Rattling and clanking
Thumping sound
Vibrating noise
Water leaks
Water does not enter
washing machine or it
enters slowly
Water in the washing
machine does not drain
or drains slowly
Foreign objects such as coins
or safety pins may be in drum or
Heavy wash loads may produce a
thumping sound. This is usually
Have all the transit bolts and tub
support been removed?
Are all the feet resting firmly on
the ground?
Inlet hoses or drain hose are
loose at tap or washing machine.
House drain pipes are clogged.
Water supply is not adequate in
that location.
Water supply tap is not
completely open.
Water inlet hose(s) are kinked.
The filter of the inlet hose(s)
Drain hose is kinked or clogged.
The drain filter is clogged.
• Check all pockets to make sure that they
are empty. Items such as clips, matches,
pens, coins, and keys can damage both
your washer and your clothes.
• Close zippers, hooks, and drawstrings
to prevent these items from snagging or
tangling on other clothes.
• If sound continues, washing machine
is probably out of balance. Stop and
redistribute wash load.
• If not removed during installation, refer
to Installation guide for removing transit
• Check that the appliance is perfectly level
(Use a spirit level).
• Check and tighten hose connections.
• Unclog drain pipe. Contact plumber if
• Too much detergent or unsuitable
detergent may cause excessive foaming
which may result in water leaks.
• Check another tap in the house.
• Fully open tap.
• Straighten hose.
• Check the filter of the inlet hose.
• Clean and straighten the drain hose.
• Clean the drain filter.



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