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Caution On Freezing During Winter - LG FH4F9BDS0H Owner's Manual

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Caution on Freezing During
• When frozen, the product does not operate normally.
Make sure to install the product where it will not freeze
during winter.
• In case the product must be installed outside on a
porch or in other outdoor conditions, make sure to
check the following.
How to Keep the Product from Freezing
• After washing, remove water remaining inside the
pump completely with the opening hose plug used for
removal of residual water. When the water is removed
completely, close the hose plug used for removal of
residual water and cover cap.
Drain plug
• Hang down drain hose to pull out water inside the
hose completely.
Drain hose
• When the drain hose is installed in a curved
shape, the inner hose may freeze.
Cover cap
• After closing the tap, disconnect the cold inlet hose
from the tap, and remove water while keeping the
hose facing downwards.
Inlet hose
Check for Freezing
• If water does not drain when opening the hose plug
used for removal of residual water, check the drainage
Drain plug
• Turn the power on, choose a washing programme,
and press the Start/Pause button.
Detergent drawer
• When '
' is shown in display window while the
product is in operation, check water supply unit and
drainage unit (Some models do not have an alarm
function that indicates freezing).
• Check that water is coming into the detergent drawer
while rinsing, and water is draining through the drain
hose while spinning.
Cover cap
Drain hose