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LG FH4F9BDS0H Owner's Manual page 23

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This cycle is for hand and machine
washable delicate clothes such as
Gentle Care
washable wool, lingerie, dresses etc.
(Please use detergent for machine
washable woolens).
Wash off several kinds of stain such
as wine, juice, dirt, etc.
Stain Care
(Water temperature is increased step
by step for washing various stains.)
Use LG Smart Laundry&DW Global application on your smart phone to download new and special cycles that are
not included with the machine.
If you did not download any cycles, 'Rinse+Spin' is set.
• Water Temperature: Select water temperature to suit wash cycles.
Always follow garment manufacture's care label or instructions when washing.
• Set program at "Cotton Large 40°C (Half Load)", "Cotton Large 60°C (Half Load)", "Cotton Large 60°C (Full Load)"
option for test in conformity with EN60456 and Regulation1015/2010.
- Standard 60°C cotton program : Cotton Large
- Standard 60°C cotton program : Cotton Large
- Standard 40°C cotton program : Cotton Large
(They are suitable to clean normally soiled cotton laundry.)
(They are the most efficient programmes in terms of combined energy and water consumptions for washing that
type of cotton laundry.)
* Actual water temperature may differ from the declared cycle temperature.
• The test results depend on water pressure, water hardness, water inlet temperature, room temperature, type and
amount of load, degree of soiling utilized detergent, fluctuations in the main electricity supply and chosen additional
• Neutral detergent is recommended.
Fabric Type
Wool, hand washable clothes.
Delicate, easily damaged laundry.
Cotton blended fabrics.
NOT delicate clothes.
+ 60°C (Full Load)
+ 60°C (Half Load)
+ 40°C (Half Load)
Proper Temp.
1.5 kg
(Cold to 30°C)
40°C or 60°C
3.0 kg
(30°C to 60°C)