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LG FH4F9BDS0H Owner's Manual page 32

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Product Registration and Wi-Fi Setup
Run the LG Smart Laundry&DW Global application
application on a smart phone.
Select Smart Appliance.
Select Washer.
Select Front Load.
- If you see a pop-up message about NFC, press
the 'Cancel' button.
Press the Wi-Fi model button at the bottom of the
Enter the email ID and password you registered.
If you don't have an LG Account, press the Create
an account button and create a user ID and
Select the Login button.
On the next page, the application shows the Wi-
Fi network list. Select your home network. If your
network requires a key, enter the password and
select Connect button.
If the application successfully connects to the home
network, turn on the washer and then press the
Option button and press the Rinse(OK) button.
The application now works to connect the appliance
and register it as a Wi-Fi product. A notification
appears when the washer is successfully set
up and the product registration and Wi-Fi setup
is complete. The Wi-Fi connection indicator
illuminates when the machine connects to the
home network.
• LG Electronics is not responsible for any network
connection problems or any faults, malfunctions, or
errors caused by network connection.
• Network connection may not work properly depending
on Internet service provider.
• The machine supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks only.
• Use the Settings menu in the application to register
or change the machine. Select Settings > Change
Product > Add Product and then follow steps 2–10
• If the router or the router's password is changed,
select Settings > Change Product > Add Product and
then follow steps 2–10 above.
• The surrounding wireless environment can make
wireless network service run slowly.
• If the appliance is having trouble connecting to the Wi-
Fi network, it may be too far from the router. Purchase
a Wi-Fi repeater (range extender) to improve the Wi-Fi
signal strength.
• The Wi-Fi connection may not connect or may be
interrupted because of the home network environment.
• This information is current at the time of publication.
The application is subject to change for product
improvement purposes without notice to users..