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LG FH4F9BDS0H Owner's Manual page 15

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Push the adapter onto the end of the tap so that
the rubber seal forms a watertight connection.
Tighten the four fixing screws and the adapter ring
plate .
Pull the connector latch plate down, push the inlet
hose onto the adapter, and release the connector
latch plate. Make sure the adapter locks into place.
Latch plate
• After connecting the inlet hose to the water tap, turn
on the water tap to flush out foreign substances
(dirt, sand, sawdust, and etc.) in the water lines. Let
the water drain into a bucket, and check the water
Connecting Hose to Appliance(Optional)
Make sure that there are no kinks in the hose and that
they are not crushed.
When your washing machine has two valves.
• The Inlet hose with the red connector is for the hot
water tap.
• After completing connection, if water leaks from
the hose, repeat the same steps.
Use the most conventional type of tap for the
water supply. In case the tap is square or too big,
remove the guide plate before inserting the tap
into the adaptor.
Using the Horizontal Tap
Horizontal tap
Extension tap
Square tap