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LG FH4F9BDS0H Owner's Manual page 39

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How to Handle Freezing
• Make sure to empty the drum, pour warm water of
50–60 °C up to the rubber part inside the drum, close
the door, and wait for 1–2 hours.
• Do not use boiling water. It may cause burns or
damage to the product.
• Open the cover cap and hose plug used for removal
of residual water to extract water completely.
Drain plug
• If water does not drain, this means the ice is not
melted completely. Wait more.
50‒60 °C
Cover cap
• When water is removed completely from the drum,
close the hose plug used for removal of residual
water, choose a washing programme, and press the
Start/Pause button.
Detergent drawer
• Check that water is coming into the detergent drawer
while rinsing, and water is draining through the drain
hose while spinning.
• When water supply problems occur, take the following
– Turn off the tap, and thaw out the tap and both
connection areas of inlet hose of the product using
a hot water cloth.
– Take out inlet hose and immerse in warm water
below 50–60 °C.
Inlet hose
50‒60 °C
Drain hose