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Using Anti-Slip Sheets (Optional); Wooden Floors (Suspended Floors) - LG FH4F9BDS0H Owner's Manual

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Using Anti-Slip Sheets (Optional)

If you install the appliance on a slippery surface, it may
move because of excessive vibration. Incorrect leveling
may cause malfunction through noise and vibration. If
this occurs, install the anti-slip sheets under the leveling
feet and adjust the level.
Clean the floor to attach the anti-slip sheets.
• Use a dry rag to remove and clean foreign
objects and moisture. If moisture remains, the
anti-slip sheets may slip.
Adjust the level after placing the appliance in the
installation area.
Place the adhesive side of the anti-slip sheets on
the floor.
• It is most effective to install the anti-slip sheets
under the front legs. If it is difficult to place the
pads under the front legs, place them under the
back legs.
Ensure the appliance is level.
• Push or rock the top edges of the appliance
gently to make sure that the appliance does not
rock. If the appliance rocks, level the appliance
• You can obtain anti-slip sheets from the LG Service
This side up
Adhesive side
Wooden Floors (Suspended
• Wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration.
• To prevent vibration we recommend you place rubber
cups at least 15 mm thick of the each foot of the
appliance, secured to at least two floor beams with
Rubber Cup
• If possible install the appliance in one of the corners of
the room, where the floor is more stable.
• Fit the rubber cups to reduce vibration.
• Proper placement and leveling of the washing machine
will ensure long, regular, and reliable operation.
• The washing machine must be 100% horizontal and
stand firmly in position.
• It must not 'Seesaw' across corners under the load.
• The installation surface must be clean, free from floor
wax and other lubricant coatings.
• Do not let the feet of the washing machine get wet.
Failure to do so may cause vibration or noise.
• You can obtain rubber cups (p/no.4620ER4002B) from
the LG Service Centre.